Requirements for uploading the results of food components analysis

  • Data of food components that will be uploaded must have:

    • The data-sharing agreement of food components stating that the data is valid, both from the headman of the concerned institution and the supervisor of scientific papers if the data of food components analysis comes from the results of scientific papers.
    • The certificate of analysis from the laboratory that performed the analysis.

    It also must have complete data in the form of: (if the data is unavailable, please specify as ‘not applicable’).

    Food descriptions

    • Name of food and its food group (local name, national name, scientific name, and English name), please attach the picture of the food
    • Food source/the main component of the food
    • Part(s) of plant (leaves, stem, or others) or animal (thigh meat, brains, or others) that have been used as the sample of analysis
    • Part(s) of the food sample that the analyses have been performed to (e.g. Sapodilla fruit was analysed for meat and skin; or chicken meat was analysed for meat and skin)
    • Explanation about heat treatment
    • Cooking method used (for cooked food only)
    • Explanation of handling treatments done to food
    • Preservation method used on food (if any)
    • Packaging information (if any)
    • Information on food origin
    • Explanation about the time the food samples are taken (date/month/year and/or season)
    • Moisture/water content on the food samples

    Food components

    • Description of food components
    • Description of units
    • Description of unit matrix


    • Sampling design
    • Number of primary samples
    • The description of the area and the setting (market, supermarket, household, etc.) where the food samples are taken
    • Explanation about brands (processed foods), cultivar (plant-based foods) or subspecies (animal-based foods) from the analysed food samples.

    Number of samples

    • Number of analytical samples

    Sample handling

    • Explanation about sample stabilisation
    • Explanation about sample homogenisation

    Methods of analyses

    • Explanation about the methods used in food components analyses

    Quality Control

    • Explanation about replication analysis testing
    • Explanation about the accredited laboratory where the methods of analyses have been carried out; or about the validation of methods of analyses through a performance test
    • Explanation about the reference material or the standard reference material

    (according to Quality Assurance from Eurofirr)