The History of Indonesian Food Composition Table during the Pre-Independence Period

  • Sejarah Tabel Komposisi Pangan Indonesia pada Zaman Pra-Kemerdekaan

    by: Nils Aria Zulfianto, M.Sc

    To the knowledge of the author, and also according to the oldest extant documentation owned by Dr. Hermana, there were 3 Food Compositions (Komposisi Makanan/KM) tables during the pre-independence era.

    In 1935

    This KM table is entitled Voedingstabellen by Prof. Dr. W.F. Donath, Dr. D. Koolhaas and dr. A.G. Van Veen. The table is in the form of stencilled book and taken from het Geneeskundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch-Indie, Alvering 5, Deel 75, 1935.

    In 1939

    This KM table is titled de Voedingswaarden van Voedingsmiddelen written by Ir. H.G. Koefoed, Dr. S. Postmus and Dr. A.G. Van Veen. Resp, Tuinbouwconsulent bij Leider van het Instituut voor Volksvoeding en Hoofd van de Chemische. Afdeling van het Eykman Instituut. Reprinted from Landbouw XV (1939): 193-226. The form of this table is a printed book by the printing press Archipel Drukkerij - Buitenzorg.

    In 1940

    This KM table is also titled Voedingstabellen. Nieuwe, Volledig Herziene Uitgave van het Instituut vor Volksvoeding conducted by S.J. Pannekoek - Westenburg, Ir. J.A. Nijholt and Dr. A.G. Van Veen. The table is in the form of stencilled book and published in Batavia.

    Based on this, we already had three KGMI tables before the independence. The author has managed to obtain the KM tables that have been used in Indonesia since 1935. One thing that needs to be admired is that within 5 years (1935-1940), there were three updates on the KM table—something that should be taken as an example for us nowadays.